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Lagos City
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Lagos Nigeria Travel

Lagos Nigeria Travel


Lagos is the most populous conurbation in Nigeria with 7,937,932 inhabitants at the 2006 census. It is currently the most populous city in Africa, and currently estimated to be the second fastest growing city in Africa (7th fastest in the world), immediately following Bamako. Formerly the capital of Nigeria, Lagos is a huge metropolis which originated on islands separated by creeks, such as Lagos Island, that fringe the southwest mouth of Lagos Lagoon, protected from the Atlantic Ocean by long sand spits such as Bar Beach which stretch up to 100 km east and west of the mouth. From the beginning, Lagos has spread on the mainland west of the lagoon and the conurbation, including Ikeja and Agege, now reaches more than 40 km north-west of Lagos Island. The city is the economic and financial capital of Nigeria..

Lagos, the New York of Africa:

There are many power outages in Lagos, but people install generators and it is said that “If you are a Christian and have never seen people worship God in all abandonment, love and adoration despite all their troubles and trials and in a country where there is so much poverty and unemployment, visit Lagos and you will see the awesome move of God.”

Lagos, Nigeria is exciting, dirty, exhilarating, noisy, welcoming and exhausting and night life in Lagos is vibrant with a wide choice of bars and restaurants.

Places to See in Lagos, Nigeria:

  • National Art Theatre, Iganmu
  • The Remembrance Arcade
  • Lekki Conservation Centre
  • Lagos Central Mosque
  • Glover Memorial Hall
  • Christ Cathedral, CMS
  • Shitta Bay Mosque
  • Slave Market, Slave Jetty & Slave Port, Badagry
  • Canon Gun, Instrument of Slave Abolition & War

Murtala Mohammed International Airport

Lagos is served by Murtala Mohammed International Airport, one of the largest airports in Africa and the top international air passenger gateway to Nigeria. The airport is located in the northern suburb of Ikeja and consists of a domestic and international terminal. With 3.8 million passengers in 2005 the airport accounts for almost fifty percent of all air traffic in Nigeria. Furthermore, outbound international travel from Murtala Mohammed accounts for 73 percent of all air passengers travelling internationally to and from Nigeria.


Music & film industry. Lagos is famous throughout West Africa for its music scene. Lagos has given birth to a variety of styles such as highlife, juju, fuji, and Afrobeat. In recent years Lagos has been the fore-runner with African styled hip-hop branded Afrohip-hop.

Lagos is the centre of the Nigerian film industry, often referred to as 'Nollywood.' Idumota market on Lagos Island is the primary distribution centre. Also many films are shot in the Festac area of Lagos.


As in the rest of Nigeria, football is the most popular sport. The Nigeria Football Association (NFA) and the Lagos State Football Association (LAFA) are both based in Lagos.

Accommodation in Lagos:

Accommodation in Lagos ranges from large hotels like the Sheraton, Savoy Suites and the Protea Hotels, but smaller hotels are becoming popular and guest houses are plentiful.

With one of Africa’s busiest stock exchanges, Lagos, Nigeria is loaded with business opportunities and it’s a good meeting place for local and international business people.

Internet charges in Lagos are less than a dollar. There are Internet cafes on every street, but be careful wherever you go. There are many decent ones around in most hotels.

Travel to Lagos:

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